Count Cashtacular Slot – 80 Free Spins!

Count Cashtacular Slot – 80 Free Spins!

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Games that closely fit specific subgenres are a common occurrence in the slot business. It's rare to see providers deviate in any meaningful way from these recurring patterns. The Count Cashtacular video slot from Realtime Gaming allows you to see what that appears like when having fun takes precedence over taking matters too seriously.

Unlike Blood Rage, which has a dark and serious theme, this vampire-themed slot machine is more lighthearted and entertaining.

As soon as you launch the game, you can immediately see how much fun and humor it contains. The symbols are all drawn in a somewhat comical manner. The environment is eerie, and there is a vampire vibe going on, but it doesn't take itself too seriously. It doesn't, however, go overboard in being absurd. The outcome is a fun and soothing environment that's perfect for fans of horror.

The right word we can come up with to define the gameplay is solid. Although none of the attributes is unique in this context, they are all of high value. Additionally, the game is designed so that unique mechanisms and features appear frequently. Furthermore, this contributes to the calming sensation that the concept and delivery also aid in creating. It's an exciting situation where the goal is to make a game that users of all skill levels can readily enjoy. We believe Realtime Gaming did a good job of accomplishing that goal.

Betting and Layout

Slots from Realtime Gaming are renowned for sticking to tried-and-true formats and not straying too far from them. Instead of using unusual layouts to set their games apart, they offer engaging themes and solid gameplay. As a result, you'll notice that this game uses a well-liked slot system. But don't allow it to make you think this game is uninteresting or plain in the slightest.

Other Information

The volatility level in this game is an important component that keeps the gameplay enjoyable and seamless. It turns out to be in the middle of the range. This enables considerable swings and variation, which, when used properly, can lead to some big gains. On the whole, it doesn't result in anything particularly serious. Overall, this slot's average volatility is ideal for the experience they want to provide.

Gameplay and Features for the Count Cashtacular Video Slot

This game's reels feature a few zombie figures, similar to those in Undead Fortune. However, they are quite obviously modeled on the real Dracula tale to some extent in the Count Cashtacular online casino. Realtime Gaming doesn't shove it in your face, but if you're familiar with the characters, you'll recognize them in the theme.

These characters' outstanding victories are significant. Additionally, this game's features and gameplay mechanisms are primarily focused on enhancing the worth of that specific victory.

Nudging Count Symbol

You want to see the count appear on the reels as frequently as possible. You may count on him to provide you with the highest payments per symbol.

Additionally, this person is in charge of a unique feature. Every time he emerges, he serves as a symbol of a nudge. This means that he will push any symbols underneath him off the game board in whatever location he lands. Wilds are still in those locations, nevertheless. As a result, a single reel may have up to three wild counts present at once.

You can think of it as “expanding wild” if you choose, provided you keep in mind that it only does so downward and not above. Additionally, even if you move a scatter off the playing field, it will still be considered present for the upcoming moves.

Scattered Crest Symbol

The game board features a humorous medieval-style crest as a scatter. There are opportunities for significant prizes when this scatter symbol appears on each of the five reels.

We notice two things concerning crest wins. The payments do not include multiples of coins, to start. Conversely, they are multiple copies of the total amount of your bet. No regardless which reels or places these scatters land on, you can still win. Because they don't have to appear from left to right on predetermined paylines, it makes it simpler to win, particularly for three-of-a-type combinations.

Pick bonus feature

In the Count Cashtacular video slot, the Pick Bonus Feature is activated whenever a wild count symbol appears on both the initial and final reels simultaneously. At that point, you have a choice between two extra options: bonus spins or re-spins.

Count Cashtacular Free Spins

You begin with 12 free turns if you choose the free spins feature. Wilds on the first and final reels at the same time might, however, re-trigger the bonus round to provide an extra 30 free spins.

It's easy to see how these free spins differ from the normal game. Your payouts are tripled when a 3x multiplier is applied to all payouts. But that also includes any scatter prizes and all line-based winnings.

Re-spins Feature

Two things happen when players choose the re-spin feature. The initial and last reels initially remain in place. The usual three reels will then spin three further times. Please be advised that this functionality does not support re-triggers.

Here, you are asked what of the two attributes you prefer. Below, we'll discuss how to decide in the most advantageous manner possible.

How to Win at Count Cashtacular

This game's unpredictability is in the middle of the pack, which doesn't make it a great choice for many betting changes. For the majority of participants, a rise or fall in the volatility level won't make any sense. However, there is one choice in this game that you must consider carefully before playing.

You select between the two extra features with that choice. Overall, the quantity of wild symbols seen on the initial reel is likely the key deciding element. The re-spin feature is particularly recommended if you have triple wilds. This is due to how much simpler it is to obtain larger rewards. The free spins choice, though, is likely the best if you can only afford one. We'll leave it up to player preference as to how the instances with two wilds appearing should be handled.


We acknowledge that some people might find the Count Cashtacular slot to veer a little too far toward humor. Additionally, we heartily advise Immortal Romance Mega Moolah for those players.

Anyhow, not all games have to be extremely serious. Slots are enjoyed by many various types of players, and if they all consisted of very serious games, many of those people would not be able to discover games that they enjoy all that much. As a result, we believe that books such as this one are essential components of a diverse library.

Most commonly asked questions

What websites provide Count Cashtacular?

To view all online casinos that offer Count Cashtacular, use the list of Count Cashtacular casinos. We use a filter to only display Count Cashtacular casinos that admit players from your area in the casino top list.

What is Count Cashtacular's Return to Player (RTP)?

The RTP for Count Cashtacular is 96.0%. Count Cashtacular ranks within slots with an average Annual return to Players with an RTP of 96.0%. It would need to have a high RTP of at least 98% to qualify.

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