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Free spins are awarded to players to provide them with opportunities of winning by spinning the reel for free. It is common to online slot games and there are lot of casinos that offer their players.

Some free spins do not require deposits before being given and there are some that requires it.

Reasons behind Offering of Free Spins Online Slot Machines

The main reasons why online casinos offer bonuses which in this case is free spin is to entice players to their casinos. There are some casinos that give players free spins after registering with the casino and made their first deposit. Some can offer players without making their first deposit. The one that attract players the most is the one that require no deposit because players will have chance to use the bonuses to play games at the casino. If they emerge as the winner, they will receive their winnings in form of real money.

Players that are lucky usually used this bonus to get money they will use to fund their accounts and play more games at the casino. But, there are certain requirements you will need to fulfil before you will receive the bonus or to be able to withdraw your winnings. Although when you look at it literally you will think to accumulate money with no deposit bonus is easy but that is not the case. This implies that you will need to deposit into your account if you cannot utilize the no deposit bonus before you can play with real money.

Ways of Claiming Free Spins

Players have many ways by which they can claim the free spins bonuses offer by online casinos. Below are the three main ways you can used in order to claim free spins.

Select the bonus of your preference

After you have signed up with an online casino and you have created an account then you should check out the promotional page of the casino on its website. Look for the one meant for players that are just joining the casino for the first time. You will see two options with one being no deposit free spins bonus upon signing and the other being deposit bonus. Before you pick the bonus option you want, make sure you have gone through the T's and C's of the casino and you understand all the requirements you must satisfied in order to claim the bonus. This will help you to avoid problem when playing using the bonus and later won.

Signing Up with an Online Casino

Another means of obtaining free spins is by signing up with an online casino that offer free spins to new players. Signing will not take much of you time and it is very easy. You can check our site for the list of the best online casinos you can sign up with that offer massive bonuses.

Using Codes to Claim Free Spins Slots no Deposit

There are some online casinos that you will need to input a certain code before you can claim the free spin bonuses. You can check our site for the codes you can use to claim the free spins and other bonuses. Also, there are some times the casino will offer promotions that will require codes to activate it. However, this is just one way of claiming free spins out of numerous ways. Most of the free spins for new players does not require codes.

Types of Free Spins – Slots Online

Although the primary aim free spins are suppose to serve is to provide players with additional opportunities of winning real cash upon playing their favourite games at the casino of their choice. But, there are different types of free spins and that is what will be looked into below.

No Deposit Bonus Free Spins

This is the type of free spins that is common to the majority of online casino players in the gaming industry. In this case, you will not need to make a deposit before you can claim the bonus. After signing up with an online casino you will receive free spins for free. However, there are some that comes with playthrough requirements whereas others lack it. In most cases, you will need to make a small deposit before you can cash out your winnings from this bonus. Likewise, there are some casinos that will not have this requirement and you will be able to cash out freely. But, you must have created an account with the casino where the winnings will be credited to and fromt here you can withdraw it.

Deposit Bonus Free Spins

This is the type of free spins that is offered to players by many online casinos. You will need to deposit a certain amount of money before you can be given free spins. There are some casinos that the minimum deposit requirements is low whereas some are high. You can check out page for online casinos with low minimum deposit requirements and simple playthrough requirements. Also, you will be able to withdraw your earnings on time with no problem. Most of the free spins deposit bonus are part of the match deposit bonus.

Deposit Bonus plus Free Spins

This type of free spins are given to players together with the match deposit bonus for instance, if you are given 100 percent deposit bonus amounting to one hundred dollars and additional free spins. The free spins can be given to the players at once or spread over the first deposits the players make. You will also need to satisfy the wagering requirements in this type of bonus before you will be able to withdraw your winnings.

Promotional Online Slots Free Spins Offers

After you have received your bonuses for signing up with an online casino, there are more means through which you can still obtain free spins. There are lot of promotional offers made available for players that have signed up with the casino. There are some online casinos that offer daily promotions whereas some offer weekly or monthly. You can obtain the necessary information about the promotions available at any casino by checking their promotion pages.

Free Spin Awards

Apart from all the instances sited above, there are some cases in which players will be awarded free spins. The common scenario is when you are part of the VIP program of the casino. You can be give free spins as part of your loyalty bonus and the higher your level in the program, the more the offers that will be available to you. Also, if you achieve a certain feat at an online casino or you unlock a challenge you can be awarde free spins as a bonus.

Things That Should Be Noted When Selecting Online Slots Free Spins Bonus at Any Casino

With what that have been discussed above, players have numerous ways and means by which they can claim free spins. There are free spins that requires deposit which you can select if you like and those that does not require any deposit. However, there are some things that you need to consider before selecting your choice of free spins. Below are some of the things you should consider when selecting free spins bonus at any casino.

  • You need to ascertain that the online casino that want to give you free spins is secure and safe. You can check for the security and safety of an online casino by checking out whether it is licensed or not. It is highly risky to play at online casinos that are not licensed and regulated.
  • Ensure you reed the terms and conditions for the playthrough requirement before selecting the free spins bonus of your choice. If the playthrough requirement is too high then you should go for another bonus offer.
  • If you are playing slot games of high volatility and you are offered free spins bonuses than the best thing is to receive such bonua. This is because slot that is highly volatile usually give players higher wins and if you win, you will be liable to a massive prizes.
  • Ensure that the free spins you claimed are those that can last for a long period of time at most one week. You should not rush to use your free spins bonuses.
  • Make sure you check the terms of the free spins you are selecting very well before playing with it. Some players have fell into this trap in which there will be a clause attached to the free spins that you will not be able to claim winnings that you obtained from using them.
  • If the number of days it will take for you to receive your payout after playing at an online casino is long, then you should not play at that casino.


There are many online casinos that offer free spins to both new players and old ones. You should check the site regularly to stay updated wheneve a new casino is afldded to the list. Also, you can check for the ongoing promotions at online casinos or the ones that are yet to begin. Do not sign up with online casino that is not safe and secure so as to be able to withdraw your winning with ease and protect your account details.

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Slots Free Spins

  • Is it possible to receive real cash through free spins?

Absolutely! The best free spins online casinos provide their players with the opportunity to cash ou their winnings obtained from using free spins.

  • What are the means of knowing the best free spins offers?

Ther are various means through which you can ascertain whether the free spins you are being offered is the best. You can check out the review on free spins on our site for information on how to determine the best free spins for you.

  • Are free spins not one of the features of slots?

Absolutely! Free spins are part of the features of slot games, however, the free spins we are referring to in this review are the one you will be given at the casino not the one you will obtain when you play a game.

  • Is it possible to use numerous deposit means in claiming free spins?

There are many means of making deposit that you can use to claim free spins. You can check out the payment options supported by the online casino you sign up with to choose your preferred option.

  • Is it a must to activate all free spins with codes?

No! Although there are free spins that will require you inputting a code before you can activate them. But there are many free spins that does not require this.

  • Is it true that free spins are free?

Yes! All the free spins are free however, there ar e some that will require you to deposit before you can claim them and some that does not require this. Information about the free spins can be gotten in the terms and conditions of the casino.