Glossary of Slot Terminology

Slot Terminology

A helpful guide on glossary of slot terminologies which can benefit players strange to slot games, even those of intermediate level, with the terms covering fundamentals of slot game mechanics, like bonus feature, bonus, video slot, double up, jackpots, all sorts.

Glossary of Slot Terminologies

Slot Terminology

Slot Terminology

Have you chanced upon some game tip-offs or different reviews emphasizing the online casino & became confused at some time on the terminologies' meaning? In this article, you'll discover more of them with the wordbook, includes the regular T & C's related to online betting operations. It also assists in the complete information being passed across while going through the review on online Casinos.

Familiar Terminologies with Online Slot Game

Slot games are straightforward for players to attempt; however, these games accompany diverse play-attachments & itemized terms that a few individuals commonly are yet to encounter. Below include listings of familiar slot game terminologies.


Blanks are not icons; they appear in the form of voids lies within several characters. These voids further turn it more demanding for gamesters to accomplish good ordering/alignments.


Several slot games provide freebies reward over a pot prizes each time you put down bets at the capped range. Perhaps the typical gain with winnings obtained in return to making a fortune over placing a wager of 1 coin 800, 2 & 3 coins is 800 credits, 1600 coins & 2400 coins; the giveaway might provide 3200 coins highest bet amount.

Bonus Play

Most players perceive Slot games that reward bonus spins as outstanding slot games. You can activate this Bonus Play alongside either Wild &/or Scatter icons. This Bonus play-mode is an entirely separate scene to the regular/main slot game. Both bonus spins & coins possible to obtain with this play feature get included to the player's overalls immediately; the play mode ceases to play.

Bonus Character

Bonus icons become detailed for every single slot game & these character forwards/direct gamer to the slot's Bonus play feature. Each time you try luck with a typical slot game, the least figure of bonus symbols required to activate the Bonus play-feature is often 3.


Coins serve as money to apply a wager or the returns to expect. Gamers never run the games with regular real money value; you can place bets in coins & also obtain payouts in such similar currency.

You can buy these coins & as well as the cash-out, to obtain real money. It's possible to purchase these coins in a diverse approach across a gaming site & likely to exchange to real-cash as soon as you have the credits.

Double Up

Once the Bonus play feature discontinues, gamers usually have the opportunity to increase twofold. It implies that players can magnify the coins in twofold already obtained during the Bonus play-mode. You may be unable to put each of these coins as it's a double or nothing play-mode.

Pot prizes

Jackpot remains the most significant winnings with a typical; slot machine & diversify so much. Also, the pot is conditional to 2 factors. The amount staked & the difficulty level of obtaining the jackpot. Regardless of the prizes, it's exceedingly hard to win, making it's why jackpots reward highest with whichever combos.

Loose Slot Games

A few players admire loose slot games as there exist games out there that regularly repay. Nevertheless, loose slot games do not automatically reward in a massive amount; they might provide lots of little jackpots instead of enormous bucks.

Multiplier Icons

This icon is established for every game, thereby boosting a player's payout over a particular spin or a Bonus play mode. A deciding factor for the additional payouts obtained is conditional to counting’s of multiplying co-efficient that appears.


Every slot game comes with a minimum of 1 winning line. Possibly, slot games do accompany 50 or higher than this of paylines, subject to the twist it maybe & the number of reels therein. Each time a particular combo of icons bumps into a winning line, such a gamer obtains coins. As the odds increase at odds with 1 working a specific combo of symbols, it raises a player's chances for winnings.

Pay Table

The paytable describes to a gamer the amount they can obtain with every combo of characters. The winnings differ on the report of the complexity of combos appear to actualize & the amount wagered by a player. Endeavor to go through the paytable ahead of placing a wager on any slot machine. It offers more insight as to the amount you can anticipate for payouts.


Slot games offer winnings in lots of separate ways. Once a winning is in place, you can obtain coins to swap in return to money as fixed upon with a slot game. Below are different terms associated with winnings with slot games.

Winning Ratios

Winning rates links with the amount of money wager with a game, recompensated to a gambler as compensation from an event. The most favorable slot games of many significant winnings are accessible on the web; you can't see much on land-based casinos.

The most considerable winnings vary in a range of 95% – 100% of a money wager. For instance, perhaps a game comes with a payout rate at 97%, this can offer, in return, 97 cents of each amount wagered.

Payout Frequency

It identifies with the frequency which a game chalks up a rewarding combo. A game that rewards most times is known to “lose,” during which the type that hardly rewards is “tight.”

Progressive Jackpot

These jackpots remain the most difficult to obtain & quite the most significant with whichever reward you can come-by. This pot prizes contain cash wager through every gamer that takes on with this particular slot & can increase as much as $1 million or over. A jackpot slot is progressive amasses, while an increasing number of players are involved.


RNG refers to a digital logic circuit that decides the kind of icons that can appear in the course of a particular spin. Outcomes with spinning's subject to Random Number Generator are random & impossible to guess.


Reels include among components of slot games, which mainly describe them. Any slot games you'd come across exhibits an odd figure s number of whole reels therein, i.e., three, five, or seven. Once a gamer can place their bets, tap the play control & the reels spin separately. This slot reel discontinues without any manual control, making known the player's faith, whether it's a winning or losings.

Scatter icons

This Scatter icon acts diversely but usually function just like the Wild icon, thereby filling up rewarding combos & occasionally redirects you to the Bonus play mode. Alternately, this can magnify winnings value with a spin.

Slot Game character

Slot games use lots of separate forms of icons, which can form several combos & can result in rewarding mash-ups in the form of bonus spins & coins. Every single reel with a slot game exhibits a particular count of icons sorted in an allocated layout.

The characters can be driven on a story, encompasses separate figures & alphabets, or possibly constitutes card representations, fruit & different items. Here are five familiar forms of slot game icons

Story's Slots

Story-based slot games are on a particular thing quite definite like film, sporting activities, burst symbols, cartoonish-like symbols. Such slot games tend to utilize the storyline all through. Therefore, the various characters, rewarding combos, & bonus play features becomes tied with a storyline. The sounds tend to reflect the storyline also.

Tight Slot

Tight slot rewards lower compared to lose slot machines. It's harder to obtain payouts with a tight slot game compared to lose slot type.

Wild Icons

Wild icons can stand-in for different characters, thereby filling up the win-lines. It features for every slot game.

Video Slot Game

The video slot is the type that employs video high-tech to its windows & as well as how the game operates. The icons are of HD, with the Bonus play-feature being diverse & complicated. The slot pace becomes boosted upon every other form. Concerning technological slots, games are video slot games maintain to be the outstanding ever to come across on the web.

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