888 Dragons Slot

888 Dragons Slot – Online Slots Free (Pragmatic Play)

888 dragons



  • Low volatility
  • 3 Reels


  • Game Type : Slots
  • Software : Pragmatic Play
  • Option : 1 Payline, 5 Reel, Free Game

888 dragons

Pragmatic Play’s 888 Dragons Slot Game

888 Dragons slot game by Pragmatic Play is one classic slot that makes use of a Chinese dragon theme. This slot game is a basic classic one. There's only one twist, which is the graphics that have Dragons of several colors on the reels. They beautifully rendered the graphics in bright golden red, blue, and green. Its background color looks good with the Chinese theme that has rich red, maroon, and yellow switching to gold. The moment you win a spin, you'll see golden coins jumping up from the reels' bottom.

The number 8 is a lucky number in China. In 888 Dragons, the dragons there were used to form the number 8. The money you see number 888, it displays triple furtive. Apparently, the number 8 solidified to 888, which makes it of extra luck. The moment 3 dragons form a top pay line, the number 888 is formed across the reels. The dragon is a sign of good luck alongside both power and strength. Because of this, the real emperors make use of dragon symbols in early China for showing the strength they have to the people.

If these symbols are found lucky by the Chinese emperors, well, I bet we can't argue it. Even though there aren't lots of symbols on these reels, it's fantastic to be aware that the choice of symbols has a meaning behind them.

How much will you be able to win?

As you're able to bet between 0.01 for each spin up and 5 00 for each spin, there's a variance in the wins. To get the highest whole, make a bet at 5 for each spin. There's a win of 500 that comes with the golden-red dragons, and 250 payouts come with the greens. The max blue dragons' pay is 125. They pay 25 anytime three colored dragons show on a single pay line. When you play the least possible denomination, it's 0.01 for each spin. Here, the top win on the golden-red dragons is 1.00; then for the green, it's 0.50. The pay is 0.25 for the blue dragons, then any 3 dragons in all colors have a payout of 0.05.

You'll see the paytable of the game on the reels' LHS. There's always a change in the payout amounts respectively to the size of the bet you pick. Display both betting and payouts amounts in either money amounts or Casino credits.

Bonus Features

There aren't any bonus features one can talk about in this slot game. Even though a couple of classic slot games are enriched with great bonus features, many don't. If you want to play something simple and also classic and aren't really searching for bonus features, then this is your best bet.

Auto Play Feature

Since there isn't a lot happening on these reels it's necessary for it to have autoplay features. With similar 3 dragons spinning every time, make use of autoplay in helping you spin the reels.

Below are the autoplay features

  • Choose autoplay spins from ten and 100.
  • If any win us more than an amount that's up to 10, stop autoplay spins.
  • Anytime your entire cash size increases by any of your chosen amount as high as 100, stop auto pay spins.
  • Set any amount you'd pick to stop autoplay anytime there is a decrease in your cash balance.
  • Turn off or on Quick Spin and Turbo Spin.
  • You'll be able to adjust its settings to stop on a particular win.

Play this game on the go

One of this game's best advantages is the fact that you can play it anywhere you get access to the internet. There aren't free spins bonus rounds, or long themes that you'll likely not want to interrupt. With this, 888 Dragons are excellent to play on the go. Just play a couple of couple spins while you're waiting to start a meeting or just sitting in a taxi.

You get the chance of playing this game in the comfort of your home on your laptop or desktop computer. If you'd like to play on the go, this game is entirely mobile-friendly. Play on your tablet devices or Apple iOS or Android smartphones.

Top features

  • Graphics are pleasing to the eye with their bright colors.
  • Very easy to play and straightforward.
  • Classic slot transports you back to the basics.

On the flip side

  • Needs patience while you wait for wins
  • Just a pay line
  • Absence of bonus features

Our Verdict

Are you searching for a retro slot game that's classic? If yes, the best game for you is 888 Dragons. If you're searching for a video slot game, attempt another game powered by Pragmatic Play. This slot is simply one classic fruit machine apart from the fruit including Chinese dragons with amazing colors.

The volatility of 888 dragons is medium to high, and the RTP is 96.84 percent. This is the reason you need to eat for some time before you win big, but generally, they'll surely appear. Even though this denotes that it's as lucrative as the real other slot games, it doesn't have the whistles and bells of video slots.

We've got some other slots with the Chinese theme offering play that's more interesting. If you plan on just sitting back and relaxing while the reels spin, then 888 Dragons should be your best bet.

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