Online Slot Tournament

Online Slot Tournament

Online Slot Tournament

Online Slot Tournament is an online tournament organized by online casinos for their players to participate in and the winners will be liable to certain prizes like money, free spins, and so on.

About Online Slot Tournament

Brick and mortar casinos and online casinos usually host a tournament for their players which will involve paying a certain amount of money before being eligible for it. The purpose of this tournament is for scoring points by being awarded spins and every win will increase the status of the player on the leaderboard. The players that come first, second, and third are always awarded winnings for their positions on the leaderboard.

Online slot tournament involve competition between different caliber of players and players that emerge as winner will be able to go away with prizes. Some of the benefits of participating in an online slot tournament include the following:

  • Winning of huge amount of money
  • Have access to newly released hot games
  • Opportunity to face off with players of different calibers

Working Principle of Slots Tournament

Lovers of slot games are giving the opportunity of competing among themselves and it will recorded on a leaderboard. Once the tournament is over the players that emerge as the winners will be liable to certain prizes. Most of the times players can win up to one thousand dollars and above.

For instance, if the amount the players are required to pay to be eligible for a tournament is one hundred dollars and the number of players participating is one hundred then the total prize will be ten thousand dollars. Therefore, the 1st player can be awarded five thousand dollars and the 2nd player can receive two thousand and five hundred dollars. The remaining amount can be given to the third player.

Slot tournaments is a means by which lovers of slot games can get huge amount of money for playing the game they like. The number of tournaments is not limited to one and some casinos always hold tournaments every day. Most times the prize players will receive from the tournaments can be thousands of dollars. Also, in some cases the prize can be more than that or players receive something else apart from money.

Slot Tournaments Available Online

There are two forms of tournaments a player can participate in at any online casino and they are free roll and paid tournaments.

Free roll Tournament

This is a slot tournament in which players will not be required to pay any amount of money before they can participate in it. In this players may not have the chance to be awarded cash but many free spins will be given that can be used on the casino.

Paid Tournament

This is a slot tournament in which players will be required to pay certain amount of money before they can participate in it. The entry fee will be decided by the online casino you are playing at but it can be as low as one dollar. This is different from free tournament because players will be able to receive winnings in form of money.

Types of Slots Tournament

Basically, 2 types of tournament are common and they are:

Leaderboard Tournament

In this kind of tournament players are required to pay a specific amount of money to be able to participate in specific games. There will be a leaderboard that will be showing the position of players ranked based on the points amassed by betting or/and winning.

Points Tournament

In this type of tournament after paying the required amount the players will be given tokens or chips. These are what they will use in participating in the tournament instead of money.

Also, the tournament can be in form of a challenge in which the online casino will require players to accumulate that the highest amount or the maximum percent over twenty or thirty winning spins consecutively. Players must ensure that the spinning are done consecutively so as to be eligible. The challenge always have a least amount that can be bet on a spin.

Varieties of Slot Tournaments and the Rules guiding them

In this section we will be discussing about the varieties of slot tournaments, their working principles, and the rules guiding them.

Sign up Free Tournament: This is the kind of tournament that is awarded to players after registering with the casino for the first time. Registration is free and in this case players can win real cash or free spins and in most cases it is not more than one hundred dollars.

Scheduled Slots Tournament: This tournament usually used to have a lot of participants due to the players being aware of the date it is going to start beforehand. Players will be required to pay certain amount of money before they can be allowed to participate.

Reloader Slots Tournament: In this kind of tournament players will be given the chance to purchase extra session and partake in the tournament again.

Extender Slots Tournament: There is similarities between this tournament and the reloarder tournament but the difference is that players have the opportunity to purchase extras that will provide them with more opportunity of being the winner.

One-Shot Slots Tournament: In this kind of tournament players only have one chance to qualify for a stage and failure to win will lead to the player being disqualified from the tournament. The players cannot partake in the tournament again by any means.

Survivor Slots Tournament: In this kind of tournament players will need to keep playing until it remain one player. All the other players would have been eliminated during the game. The remaining player will be the one to receive the winning.

Sit-and-Go Slots Tournament: Immediately the number of players required to participate in the tournament is complete then it will start. You can participate in this tournament as soon as you see it.

Comped Slots Tournament: There are some casinos that award players that played consistently at the casino with a tournament. Not all players can participate in this tournament only the VIPs are allowed.

Selecting the Best Casino with Slot Tournaments

In a month, slot tournaments will take place at every tip online casinos. However, players will need to go for a tournament that suit their taste for better chance of winning. In a situation whereby you find it hard to cope with thе tournament then it is not the best tournament for you.

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