Cheating a Slot Machine

Cheating a Slot Machine

Cheating a Slot

Fact or Myth on Cheating a Slot Machine

You might have probably be wondering on how the players cheat on the online slot games, this review is going to shed light on all of the processes.

You are certain to learn the history of the slot machines, how the players carry out the cheating practices. How it is being carried out by the online and the land-based casino.


How to cheat on the online casinos

Going by the fact that most of the online slot makes of the computer software and most of them don’t even make use of coin. One of the ways to cheat the video slot machines or the online slot machines is to have collaborations with one of the programmers.

It is very possible for the casino to cheat the players, but this is not going to sound really good since fair gaming can fetch the players a reasonable amount of money3

Wondering how it is being done?

We have listed the ways in which the casinos can take an unfair advantage from the players.

The Monkey’s Paw

The Monkey’s Paw was fashioned by Tommy Glenn, it is a piece of pliable steel and makes it looks very much like a paw. It is being used to get more cash than what you are meant to get.

For the device to be used by the players, the player should be able to push the monkey’s paw and place it up to the payout until the audible clang was made. The moment you are able to spin the reels and hit the winning combination. With this, the player might be able to get bigger payouts.

Shaved and Stringed Coins

The very popular method of cheating is the shaved and stringed. The player is going to take a coin, file it such that it can pass through the machine. There will be an attachment of the coin to the string, it will be lower to the machine by the player, the arms will be pulled, and the rolling of the reels will be made. The coin was smaller than it was supposed to be. Then the players can now take it out and be able to use it over and over.

Yo-Yo Hack

This is also referred to as stringed coins, and this is done by putting a string around a coin before a deposit is being made. The moment you put a coin in, the string will be pulled for the coins to get retrieved.

The hack works really well for the operated coin in the land-based casino, it does not really work well for the slot machines nowadays.

Magnet Hack

This is used during the time of the mechanical slot. For the players to cheat the machines, the handles will be pulled and make use of large magnet so that you can stop the reels in the winning combination.

The other way is for you to chill till they are going to get the winning combination, then the magnet can be placed in the glass right on the reels, add the coins, pull the handle and the magnet will be right on the reels such that you will be able to win more games.

Making Light

Another way that can be used to cheat on the slot machine is to confuse the slot’s sensors with the light. The light will be shined on the machine’s light sensor as the machine is being regulated. As you interrupt the sensor, you will be able to track the payouts and players can make the machine payout than the normal payout that it is supposed to make.

Cheating the Code

The developers has made slot in such a way that the monitoring and auditing can be made to deliver a gameplay that is of high-quality. The testing of all the games are made by Gaming Labs International and eCORGA and the licensing is done by the bodies that are regulated.

Although there are some situations in which the code of the game has been rigged y the developers. A very good example is Ronald Dale Harris, a Nevada Gaming Commission engineer, he was able to manipulate the result of the election so that he can get better outcome which is to the disadvantage of the players. He has been able to realize up $100,000 before people later got to know about the scam that he do perform.

Are the players being cheated by the casinos and the slot machines?

The slot machines are not meant to cheat the players. Regardless of the fact that it is a land-based or an online slot machines, the programming is made at a particular rate.

How to ensure that you are not being cheated by the casinos.

There are some precautions that you can take just to ensure that you are not being cheated by any online casino. They include checking the licenses, check the payout rate, and looking at the reviews.


Can you cheat slot machines today?

Cheating the casino has been abolished with the invention of the computer software and some of the video games. It is only hackers that can cheat the casino software.

How do you cheat?

The basic cheats include the usage of slugs that were round as pieces of metal and the mechanism can be activated by using a coat hanger.

How to ensure casino does not cheat?

For you to be safe on an online casino, try to figure out the body that got it licensed.

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